Ministry of Reality Monday

So a bunch of my friends started this thing some time back. The basic idea is that most of the blogs you read are all flowery or just impossible to live up to.

Well we want to be real. And I want to give  you permission to be real. ( like you really need permission from me anyhow)

I didn’t clean my house today. I put a load in the washer. Moved it to the dyer. Put a load of dishes in the dishwasher. Fed the toddler. Taught the Teenager to use a sandwhich cooker. and thats it. All.

I need to clean my house. I need to mop the floors. I need to vacuum. I need to put the clothes away.

Maybe tomorrow.

Lazy Sunday

We didn‘t go to church today. Nobody is sick. Well James is, but he can stay home by himself. We didn’t have anywhere else to be. Except bed. Mommy and Daddy and Baby laughing, playing and snuggling. We haven’t had a Sunday morning like that in a long time. It was nice. We just lingered in bed and enjoyed being together.

Jada really likes days when she wakes up and Daddy is still home. I think all of us have started a Live for Sunday type of mentality. She is definitely a Daddy’s girl on Sunday. Its like she tries to squeeze as much time in with him as absolutely possible. Sunday- the one day that it should be possible for Daddy to get nap? Nope. Baby Girl says No nap on Sunday. Must play with the Dad!

Right now the two of them are at the grocery store getting ingredients for out late breakfast. We must have some sort of meat to go with out scrambled eggs. It may be fried bologna. But it will be yummy, because Daddy is home.

There was supposed to be a new post here

Sorry, Dears.

I was typing a grumbly type of post about JR not sleeping. It was well written, cute, whimsical, etc. But it is gone. Now I have to go get ready to leave the house. I need to take J to the dr again today.

Have a good day,


There was supposed to be a new post here

Sorry, Dears.

I was typing a grumbly type of post about JR not sleeping. It was well written, cute, whimsical, etc. But it is gone. Now I have to go get ready to leave the house. I need to take J to the dr again today.

Have a good day,


Jada Rose and Mommy

Jada Rose and Mommy

I love this little girl. She is so much fun. See how she is playing with my elbow? I don’t really know why she choose an elbow, but that is her comfort item. She plays with anyones elbows to relax. Its kinda like some kids play with Moms hair, or rub Dads beard. Its so cute.

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Did Ya Miss Me

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


I have missed writing and am wanting to take up my blog again. I want to keep my journal on a more regular basis too, but this is a start. Right?

So Jada Rose is now 2. She is everything I ever dreamed she would be and so much more. She is beautiful. She has a great sense of humor. She has a vivid imagination. And she loves, no adores, her big brothers.

David is 15 now. He has taken up his love of reading again. We got him a Kindle for Christmas. He is reading ALOT. And its not just junk reading; he is reading classic and even Bible commentaries.

James is 18. WHAT?! How did that happen? He is graduating from high school in June. EEEEK! That is less than 4 months away! I am so excited for him.


In future posts I plan to talk about homeschooling, toddlers, college applications, and anything else that is going on in my life. I hope you stick around.

Having a 16 yro boy!

Ok. So he didn’t JUST turn 16 but this is still a tough age! He wants to be grown up but he still wants toys for Christmas. You know more video games, basketball hoop, oh and lets not forget the pool table!!
But on the other hand, he wants to be a grownup. He wants to get his drivers license. He wants a truck.
This is hard for me as a mom. Really hard. For those of you with younger kids, you may have the disillusion that parenting gets easier as the kiddos get older. Sorry to have to break the news to you but IT DOESN’T!
I may be done with the 2 o’clock feedings with him or the persistent ear infections. He doesn’t throw his food across the restaurant anymore. (yes! He actually did that once!) But now he wants to drive! Without me!
I won’t be there. I won’t be able to say, “stop! there’s a car” or “watch out for that kid before you back up!” He can hurt himself or someone else and it could really be something serious.
OK. I admit it. I am scared. No. Let me change that. I am terrified!
I know I have to let go and let him grow up. He has to be allowed to test his wings. He has to make his own mistakes and learn from them. But I don’t want him to have to learn that way. It’s tough and it hurts. And sometimes you never recover from them, and some of the scars never go away.
I don’t have the answers. What do I do now? Where is the line between being a good responsible mother and being OVERprotective?

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Pregnancy Brain

If you have never been pregnant you might think that this phenomena is a joke or just a lousy excuse. But I am here to tell you it is very true. You loose your mind when you become pregnant!!!!

Today as a matter of fact, I was looking for something on the internet. I typed in www then suddenly forgot what I was doing!!! I couldn’t remember for the life of me what I was looking for!!! Wow did I feel stupid!

So far I haven’t forgotten anything vital. Like I haven’t forgotten to pick up David from camp. So far I’ve remembered my passwords. But I have walked into Ingles and then suddenly forgotten what I was there to get!

So my questions for all you moms out there is this. Do we ever get our brains back? Looking back, I can’t remember if I did after my other two.

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