Lets Get Acquainted

Hi. As I’m sure most of you already know, I am the mother of  two boys. They are 15 and 12. We have recently found out that we will have a new baby in Jan! We are so excited!

Well all of us are excited, except for my 15 yo.  Apparently I was supposed to ask his permission before I did such a thing!!!

Some people are going to think that this pregnancy is absolutely horrible and I should be ashamed. Oh well. Sorry to dissapoint you! I am not ashamed. I am very excited about this baby. This baby is very wanted by both mom and dad!!!

Ok lets talk about Dad. C is my fiance.  He is the best man I could have ever found. He is great with my other two. As a matter of fact, he already calls them his kids.

He is kind, sensitive, considerate and very caring of our little family.  He takes care of us. And to be quite honest, he probably spoils me a little too much.

I hope you can be as excited as we are about our family. Stay tuned and find out how we all adjust to the many changes.

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