Did Ya Miss Me

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


I have missed writing and am wanting to take up my blog again. I want to keep my journal on a more regular basis too, but this is a start. Right?

So Jada Rose is now 2. She is everything I ever dreamed she would be and so much more. She is beautiful. She has a great sense of humor. She has a vivid imagination. And she loves, no adores, her big brothers.

David is 15 now. He has taken up his love of reading again. We got him a Kindle for Christmas. He is reading ALOT. And its not just junk reading; he is reading classic and even Bible commentaries.

James is 18. WHAT?! How did that happen? He is graduating from high school in June. EEEEK! That is less than 4 months away! I am so excited for him.


In future posts I plan to talk about homeschooling, toddlers, college applications, and anything else that is going on in my life. I hope you stick around.

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