Lazy Sunday

We didn‘t go to church today. Nobody is sick. Well James is, but he can stay home by himself. We didn’t have anywhere else to be. Except bed. Mommy and Daddy and Baby laughing, playing and snuggling. We haven’t had a Sunday morning like that in a long time. It was nice. We just lingered in bed and enjoyed being together.

Jada really likes days when she wakes up and Daddy is still home. I think all of us have started a Live for Sunday type of mentality. She is definitely a Daddy’s girl on Sunday. Its like she tries to squeeze as much time in with him as absolutely possible. Sunday- the one day that it should be possible for Daddy to get nap? Nope. Baby Girl says No nap on Sunday. Must play with the Dad!

Right now the two of them are at the grocery store getting ingredients for out late breakfast. We must have some sort of meat to go with out scrambled eggs. It may be fried bologna. But it will be yummy, because Daddy is home.

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